5 Famous Graphic Designers To Look Up To In 2022

5 Famous Graphic Designers To Look Up To In 2022

Have you ever felt like admiring your role model? It is important to have a role model for your professional life as it guides you to achieve greater goals. Role models are like lamps in a dark tunnel guiding you through problems towards your dream. If you get a right role-model for your dream then it becomes easy to surf through the problems helping you achieve the best. The issue is young professionals are unable to find the right role model that can help them reach to great heights in their field.

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To help you as a graphic designer to secure the best spot in your field, I have listed down 5 popular graphic designers across the globe that will guide you towards your loftiest vision-

Neil secretario

Neil Secretario is one of the popular graphic designers who worked for the top MNCs Sony Pictures, YouTube Red, Conde Nast, GQ Germany, Intercom, Lionsgate, Mikimoto, Penguin Random House, and Schweppes Europe. He is known for his exemplary typography skills that he uses in his advertisements for the brands. His graphic designs and typography reflect high level of sophistication and elegance that what makes him popular graphic designer.

Mike Perry

Mike Perry is one of the best graphic designers who is known for his best work in famous comedy central sitcom ‘Broad city’. Perry has the absolute idea of right usage of the color combination and different creative that are required for a scene. Mike Perry is not just limited to graphic designing but has also tried his hand into animations, sculptures, graphics novels, books and public art installations. One can learn to create exciting and highly creative scenes with the help of graphic designing with Mike Perry as their role model.

Lauren hom

Have you ever looked at the quirky typography of big brands like Facebook? This is what Lauren Hom a Detroit based designer is into. She is hand-lettering artist who with her mind-blowing skills has delivered the best artistic projects to the companies like TIME Magazine, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Microsoft, YouTube, MailChimp, and Starbucks

Stefan sagmeister

If you ever followed musical bands closely that include ok GO, the rolling stones, Jay Z , talking heads and brain Eno. Then Stefan sagmeister is the one behind their alluring cover pages that give the music album its attractive style. Stefan has founded is company Sagmeister Inc. in 1993 which caters to demands of music industry by providing them with exciting designs. One can learn the art of producing the best contemporary graphic designs for music industries from sagmeister.

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is one of the popular graphic designers who worked in various projects. One of her famous works includes “Disinfect me baby one more time” which was channeled with the Britney Spears songs. Her creativity is very inspiring as she knows everything from graphics to the right usage of words. One can learn how to use the creativity to communicate to the target audience.

Graphic designing is a tough task as it requires a good level of technical and creative skills to produce an enthralling graphic for the target segment.

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