6 Free Graphic Design Courses That Are Best For Learning 2022

6 Free Graphic Design Courses That Are Best For Learning 2022

Did you ever feel the need for graphic design courses to upgrade your design skills? Chances are that you might be having little knowledge regarding available courses. The best graphic design courses are the ones that provide the best learning at budget-friendly prices.

So in this article, we are going to resolve your problem by listing you the 6 best graphic design courses available without paying any hefty prices that will provide you with the best knowledge and practical experiences.

YES Softech is the graphic designing company that is into brochure designing, logo designing, web development and designing, and business card designing. It provides the highest quality to its clientele.

Let’s look at free graphic design courses available on internet-

Alison online-

If you are looking for the best graphic designing course then Alison provides you with the best-certified courses. There are various types of free graphic designing courses available that one can choose to develop the best graphic skills as per their need. The courses range from beginners’ level to mediocre level and one can take up the advanced course with a fee.

Envato Tutorials + illustrations and design courses

Envato tutorials help provide the best design courses that a graphic enthusiast could relate to. There are over 1000 courses in the Envato design and illustration database that one can browse to select the best. The different graphics topics tutorials that are present include Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Rhino, and many others. The tutorials provide the best quality of content that helps individuals to pay attention to details so that the best skills could be developed

Creative Live

Creative live is a platform that is focused on providing the best online courses for artists and designers. At creative live, there is a range of free videos that one can learn from. For advanced videos, one can subscribe at a price that is completely worth the quality of the content that is provided.


Pikochart is an online platform that is into the creation of infographics, and other graphical elements. It is also the best platform for learning the theoretical and practical aspects that a best graphic designing course could have. The platform is free as most of the videos and other learning materials can be watched without paying any amount. One can also upgrade their access to unlimited graphic-related videos by paying a fee.

Shaw academy

Shaw academy is an online educational platform that offers courses in varied fields from the best tutors across the globe. The major focus of the Shaw academy is to develop practical exposure to various fields that include finance, trading, design and many others. Shaw academy offers the best graphic designing courses for free which makes the learning great.

It is rightly said by some wise person that one should sweat more in training than bleed in the war so invest in the best graphic designing course to climb your ladder of success.