Logo Designing

Logo Designing

Have you ever felt attracted towards a particular logo? Or you felt like visiting a brand’s website just after seeing a logo. That is the power of an impactful logo as it can generate greater interests of the people in the company. A logo of Apple’s I-phone is quite alluring making people inquisitive about the brand. The real problem comes when companies lack knowledge, skills, creativity and techniques for right logo designing for a new brand. As per recent research, it was found that many of the new brands lose the market due to poor logo designs making them less impactful. It becomes very important to hire right companies that design the best logo that is attractive to the brand’s target segment.

Yes Softech, a Jaipur based logo designing company that is into helping business clients in creating their identity through exciting logos. . Its’ expert designers and content writers always provide the cutting edge services to its clients. Hire Yes Softech to create an exciting logo designs for business.

Let’s focus on five golden principles that make for best logo designing-

Simplicity is Everything:-

Simple Logos are attractive to the target audience as they can easily be comprehended. As the saying goes by simplicity has the power that can attract billions. The art of logo designing is about making a logo less complicated so that it delivers what it is meant to deliver. For example, the Logo of NASA is simple that communicates to audience through stars, blue color and aeronautics symbol regarding its purpose.

Memorable (Remember Me!):-

The other important principal one should focus on designing logo is that the it should be memorable to the audience. The audiences do not have to put much effort in remembering the logo as it is unique and easy enough to make people understand about it. One should strive to develop the logo that is easily remembered by children. Yes Softech provides the best logo designing services to the new brands who wants to build their presence among the target segment.

Beyond Time:-

Beyond time means the designer logo needs to be timeless so that brands do not need to change it after every time. One needs to ask one simple question that whether the logo that is created will be relevant after 10 years then decide accordingly.


A logo must be versatile enough to be used at different places for advertising purpose. The versatility is important to ensure logos are well received at every platform as it is the true essence of logo designing.


The other important point to remember is to ensure that the logo aligns with the company’s vision and mission so that better leads from the business could be ensured.

If you have now decided, that your so called unique logo must incorporate five principles mentioned above then contact Yes Softech for that amazing logo and makes it irresistible for the target segment.

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